Women’s Team Pursuit Back For 2017 National Championships

Team Pursuit has long been the cornerstone for High Performance Squad and indeed one of the events we all love to watch at Olympic and World Championship level and it will be included as a full national championship for club teams for 2017. This however will require a commitment from 6 clubs to provide teams and plans for their inclusion need to start early in 2017. Teams of 4 riders now compete over the full 4k distance, with a minimum of 3 to finish as time taken on the 3rd rider. A team may include Junior and Senior riders, but all must have an IRL UCI code and track accreditation. It is not necessary to have your own track bike, as track bikes are available for hire at all our National Velodromes. The minimum licence requirement for the competition proper would be a Limited Competition licence but training and preparation can be undertaken on a leisure licence.

The date of the Team Track Nationals for 2017 will be Saturday August 5th, and Keirin and Team Sprint will also take place on that day and indeed some of you may wish to give those events a go too when the time comes!!

· Step 1 : Commit to the challenge – put your club forward as one of the 6 we need! We of course will be more than happy with more than 6 clubs, it’s just that we require 6 to fulfil the criteria for a National Championship.

· Step 2 : Find 5 like minded individuals with your club that who are up for a team based challenge! Always good to have a sub and competition for places and you always need to have one (or more) individuals ready to step in.

· Step 3 : Check out track website www.trackcycling.ie for opportunity to get your riders accredited. These start again February and run every 3 weeks. It is also possible to book a club private or shared session to get your riders started.

· Step 4 : Most public track training sessions will afford an opportunity to practise the skills required for team pursuit and if you let us know in advance of your teams attendance, we can facilitate such efforts. The Track Commission will also be running specific training sessions for squads and there’s are also plans afoot to bring in International riders as part of a weekend workshop to bring your squads up a further notch closer to the event!

We do already have three Clubs committed to this and tentative interest from a further two, but to fully commit to training for this we need to pre-plan it’s success so we need those minimum numbers in existence 6 weeks prior to competition. Of course the earlier you assemble your squad and start training, the better chance your club has of winning a national medal, or indeed taking the top step on the podium! Track is always about bettering your own performance, chipping away at your ever improving lap times. The training is tough but all things are achievable when we work together and all great teams are greater than the sum of the parts!! One thing for sure, there has never been a road rider that didn’t improve by training on the track!

Contact Hugh Byrne or Brendan Whelan if you or your club are interested :

Email :  sundrive@trackcycling.ie