Women’s Racing: Host Clubs 2022

Expression of Interest in holding a Women’s Race in 2022.

The Women’s Commission are seeking an expression of interest in your club holding a women’s race in 2022 (Catering for Senior Women & Junior Women only).

With challenge comes change #choosetochallenge.

We are preparing  our Women’s racing calendar for 2022, and we would love to include your Club in our schedule. 

If you are interested and willing to promote Women’s Cycling by running a Women’s only race, we are here to help (Races can be Open, Intermediate League or Women’s Beginner League).

As we are doing up our calendar, we would love to hear from you by the 10th March,  

Please feel free to contact us with your interest or query.

Junior riders will need to race in their restricted gears as per the usual CI rules.