Womens Cycling Ireland

Welcome to womenscycling.ie where we hope you find all you want to know about women’s cycling in Ireland. We are the central point of contact for the women’s cycling community in Ireland. Whether you want to get started, try your first race or keep up to date with what’s going on you’ll find everything you need to know here.

Womenscycling.ie is run by the Women’s Commission of  Cycling Ireland. The Commission is funded and supported by Cycling Ireland – however the members of the Commission are volunteers, who have been involved in cycling for a number of years.

Get Started!

Whether it’s for fun, fitness or to get to work, cycling is a great way to get around. You’re going to need a bike that fits you and a helmet the best way to meet fellow cyclists is to join your local club.

What is a sportive?

Once you’ve started cycling you might like to try a new challenge. A sportive is a non-competitive long distance cycling event. Some of the most famous cycling sportives, like the Wicklow 200, the Sean Kelly Tour Series & the Orwell Randonnee, are annual events that are held every summer and attract huge crowds of participants. They’re a great way to challenge yourself while enjoying some new scenery and meeting new people.

How do I get into racing?

Beginner Races: Now you’ve been bitten by the bug why not try a race? The Corkagh Park Women’s League runs throughout the summer ,  and is aimed at those interested in getting into racing for the first time. It’s great for improving fitness, cornering and bunch skills.  These races are graded and handicapped to give both beginners & more experienced riders something to aim for.


Contact Us for further Information: womenscyclingpro@gmail.com