Women’s Commission Prize List: Intermediate League

The Women’s Commission prize list for the revised Intermediate League will be €500

Intermediate League 2020 Prize List:

  • If riders finish the league with equal points, the rider with the highest number of wins will be ranked higher.
  • If riders are still equal on this criteria, they will be ranked by their number of second places, and then by their third places.
  • If riders still cannot be separated, they will be ranked by the total number of league races they have completed.
  • Finally, they will be ranked by their finishing position in the final league race (Mick Lawless Memorial).

1. €100
2. €90
3. €80
4. €70
5. €60
6. €50
1st Junior €50

Total €500

Neenan Wins Stage 1:

Nikki Taggart Wins Stage 2

Ella Doherty Rider Report From Stage 2: 

Click Here For Intermediate League Table:

The Intermediate League caters for W2/W3 Category Senior & Junior riders only .