Women’s Commission Constitution

Women’s Commission


  1. Affiliation:  The Women’s Commission (WC) is a sub committee of the Board of Cycling Ireland (CL)  
  1. Membership of the Commission (WC) shall be open to all elected  persons interested in the aims of the Commission and who agree to the Rules, Regulations, Constitution and Code of Ethics of the commission .
  1. The main objectives of  the Women’s Commission are to encourage, develop and organise women’s cycling at a local and National level in the island of Ireland, including, but not exclusively racing, touring, track, mtb and any activity or business pursuit connected with or ancillary to the activity of cycling.
  1. Commission Year : The WC’s year shall be the calendar year: from January to December
  1. The Women’s Commission  will carry out its activities in compliance with the principles of fairness, reasonableness, due process and natural justice.
  1. The Women’s Commission will organize events under the Technical Race Regulations of Cycling Ireland  (the Rules of the UCI will apply where appropriate).
  1. All Women’s Commission  members  shall in whatever capacity participate in cycling events in a disciplined, fair and sporting manner. They shall at all times when involved in any cycling activity be properly attired and behave correctly in all circumstances.
  1. References to “he” or “his” in  all Rules,Regulations,Code of Ethics etc. apply to both male and female members, where appropriate.
  1. All references to WC  refer to The Women’s Commission