Women’s Commission AGM

The Women’s Commission AGM will take place on Sunday October 30th at the Pavilion in Sundrive Velodrome, Eamonn Ceannt Park, Sundrive Road, Crumlin, Dublin 12. The meeting will start at 15:00 and will be followed directly afterwards by the first meeting of the newly elected committee.

Several committee members will be stepping down from their positions at the AGM, so new committee members are needed.  Roles can be decided by the new committee depending on the commission goals for the coming year. Possible roles may include Track, Youth, Leisure and PRO / website. We would love to see some new faces on the committee next year and I would like to thank our outgoing volunteers for all of their hard work this year.

The Women’s Commission is responsible for:

• Promoting all cycling disciplines to women (through promotional literature, workshops, women-specific events etc.);
• Securing any women-specific funding available;
• Analysing participation numbers across all grades and disciplines so as to facilitate the recruitment and retention of participants;
• Preparation of calendar for women-only events;
• Running of national league(s);
• Regular communication with members particularly through the use of the Cycling Ireland website;
• Liaising with the relevant Commission regarding desired changes to the Technical and General Administrative rules;
• Liaising with discipline-specific Commissions regarding women’s National Development Squads;
• Be cognisant of tasks assigned to them in the “General Administrative Regulations, Technical Regulations and Procedures”;
• Liaising with National Child Protection Officer to ensure that guidelines are adhered to.

If you have items you would like included on the agenda, please email details to Roisin kennedy