Women’s Commission AGM Sept 20th

Women’s Commission AGM Sunday 20th September from 2.30pm to 4 pm.

Motions and Committee Nominations to be returned no later than 1700 hours on the 1st of August 2020 to the Women’s Commission by email to womenscyclingpro@gmail.com with the subject line “2020 WC AGM” (Please Include your Cycling Ireland Membership number in Email).

All submissions will be acknowledged.

Any suggested Motions from the Women’s Commission to the Cycling Ireland AGM should now also be emailed with the Subject line ‘Cycling Ireland AGM ‘ (no later than 1600 hours on 10th August 2020 t/ Please Include your Cycling Ireland Membership number in Email).

In line with the current public health pandemic, we expect we will likely need to conduct the Women’s Commission AGM in a virtual format. 

We are waiting on confirmation from Cycling Ireland until we can confirm this will definitely be the case.
The venue we have selected is Sundrive Velodrome.
We will advise in due course, in keeping with government guidelines, whether the meeting will be held:
1.       In person at Sundrive Velodrome exclusively; 
2.       Virtually for members/attendees but hosted by the Women’s Commission from the venue.
Should the meeting be conducted in a virtual format (eg via Zoom) attendance will be electronically managed in advance with regard to registration. Clubs may be asked in advance to nominate their voting and speaking delegates.
More details will follow should this option be necessary.
The following Commission positions are vacant as of at the Annual General Meeting:
Leinster Rep:
Corkagh Park Rep:
Youth Rep:
All Nominations should come from a Club Secretary.
All Nominees will have five minutes to address the meeting.