Terms of Reference/Strategic Plan 2022

Published Jan 1st 2019 / Revisions January 10th 2019 & January 10th 2022

Cycling Ireland

Women’s Commission

Terms of Reference/Strategic Plan


Table of Contents

  1. Introduction and context 3
    1. Background and operating context 3
    2. Remit 3
    3. Stakeholders 3
  2. Plan 3
    1. Mission 3
    2. Vision 3
    3. Values 3
    4. Goals and Priorities 4
      1. Advocacy and promotion 4
      2. Coaching and development 4
      3. Road racing organisation 4
      4. Initiatives to support and include female cyclists  4

Appendix A: Miscellaneous notes and Policies 6

Appendix B: Asset Register 7

1. Introduction and context 

  1. Background and operating context

The Cycling Ireland Women’s Commission (WC) is a sub-committee of the Board of Cycling Ireland (CI). 

Its primary objectives are to promote all cycling disciplines to women and to facilitate the recruitment and retention of women cyclists in Ireland. 

    1. Remit

The remit of the Women’s Commission includes all cycling disciplines.

High Performance women cyclists fall under the remit of CI’s High Performance Unit.

Youth girls are under the remit of the Youth Commission.

    1. Stakeholders

The WC is supported financially by Cycling Ireland. 

The WC works closely with many other CI bodies, including the Provincial Committees, other Commissions and CI affiliated clubs.

  1. Plan
    1. Mission

The WC has a mission to encourage and develop women’s cycling on the island of Ireland.

    1. Vision

The WC has a commitment to increase participation and support growth of women’s cycling in Ireland.

    1. Values 

The WC strives for the following values in its activities:

  • Equality
  • Fairness / Transparency
  • Respect
  • Dignity 
  • Positivity

2.4. Goals and Priorities

      1. Advocacy and promotion 

The WC promotes women’s cycling events and accomplishments through the following means: 

  • Managing and maintaining the WC’s website and Facebook page to promote its activities and women’s cycling generally. 
  • Subsidising cycling clothing (road & downhill) with the WC logo
  • Funding and sponsorship of events on a case-by-case basis (e.g. Rás na mBan leaders jersey).
      1. Coaching and development

The Commission recognises the importance of coaching for the development of skills, confidence, and participation for female cyclists. Supporting the provision of coaching events across all disciplines in a range of venues in collaboration with other commissions is a strategic priority. 

      1. Road racing organisation

The WC is responsible for organising and implementing the women’s national grading structure for juniors and seniors. The WC is working towards the inclusion of a rider’s grade on their cycling licence.

The WC also facilitates two main road racing series on a yearly basis: 

    • Corkagh Park Road Racing Series: 

The Women’s Commission is responsible for arranging host clubs, promotion and support at each event.

    • Intermediate League: 

The Women’s Commission is responsible for the awarding of a perpetual trophy and overall league prizes, arranging host clubs, and allocating league points.

      1. Initiatives to support and include female cyclists  

The Women’s Commission actively supports both competitive and leisure cyclists through these initiatives:

    • New Recruits Initiative

Recruitment of new members has been identified as a key strategic priority for 2022.

    • Rás na mBan Training Event 
    • Women’s Commission Development Road / Track Cycling Teams
    • Rider Bursaries

The WC will undertake a full review of national championship events and categories for any outstanding gaps (U23 / Masters categories especially). Appendix A: Miscellaneous notes and Policies

    • Overnight activities for Juniors

In general, a guardian is requested to accompany each Junior. In the case of stage races, accommodation for the rider only is funded by the WC.

    • Selection process

In general, riders are requested to submit an expression of interest email, followed by payment of the rider levy / event deposit. 

    • Rider levy

This will be applied to all riders on all WC teams. The levy is usually equal to the race entry fee. Deposits are refunded to riders who are not selected for the team. 

    • Social media and website presence

The WC will have a centralised presence on the web / social media (i.e. one website; one FB page). The PRO is responsible for ensuring that all content is appropriate and meets required standards (spelling / sponsor references / objectivity). Articles should be factual.

    • Selectors

At least one selector on the panel (excluding the appeals person) should have no conflict of interest (eligible child / partner). The panel of selectors (excluding the appeals person) must represent more than one club.

    • Payments

Bills should be paid via direct bank transfer where possible. Where the WC is funding an event which is being run by an external body, monies should be transferred directly to the bank account of the organising body (e.g. to another CI commission or CI affiliated club).

    • WC Development teams

Teams should include Juniors.

    • Sponsors

New sponsors must be approved by CI. The WC must use existing CI sponsors where relevant (e.g. clothing supplier)

Appendix B: Asset Register

Asset Holder Date
Intermediate League Perpetual Trophy Brendan Whelan 1st September 2021
First Aid Box Brendan Whelan 1st September 2021
WC Clothing

  • Shorts 
  • LS Jerseys 
  • SS Jerseys 
  • Downhill Jerseys 
  • Polo Shirts
  • Hoodies 
  • LS Skinsuits 
  • SS Skinsuits 
Colin MacHale 1st September 2021
WC Gazebo Colin MacHale 1st September 2021