Shenna McKiverigan: A name you’ll be hearing a lot in the future!

Shenna McKiverigan has been part of the Junior Talent Team from the start and now, as a first year junior the promising youngster from Banbridge CC had the enviable opportunity to ride the UK’s elite track cycling event – the Revolution Series. The talented youngster was invited to participate in the Chris Hoy Future Stars Track Race Series. The competition is designed to provide the UK’s brightest young cycling talent with the opportunity to race in front of large crowds at the biggest venues in the UK. Shenna has done a lot of fundraising to enable her to participate in this great opportunity. She gave us this account of her second visit to the Revolution Series:

REVOLUTION Round 2 – Manchester

Round two of the revolution took place on the 22nd of November in the Manchester National Cycling Centre, known as ‘The home of British cycling’. After a long journey we arrived early in Manchester with a lot of time to kill as I wasn’t on till the evening session. I decided to sign on early and was given my riders pass to go in and out of the track centre when I wanted. As I was signing on Laura Trott, Joanna Rowsell and the USN team from Wales arrived; it seemed so surreal that they were queueing behind me to sign on the same piece of paper as me! Walking in behind them, I went into the track centre to leave my bike and also to meet the head of the Hoy future stars for the night, Jenny Gretton. Jenny decided to give me some time on the track to spin my legs out and to get familiarized with being on the boards again, but not only was I getting track time I was getting the opportunity of a life time to go up and warm up with the professionals. Nearly taking the doors off the hinges I ran to get changed, bumping into triple world champion François Pervis on the way. The excitement was too much. Rolling up onto the track I couldn’t believe this was actually happening, I joined into the warm up train in behind world road champion Georgia bronzini. This was a dream come true and is something I won’t forget.

An hour before session 2 started I got to meet my team mates, my manager Dave and also collect my Sky kit. My team mates for round 2 were Luke Rowe and Pete Kennuagh along with 3 other future star riders. As the crowds started filling in we got up onto the track for our warm up. After the warm ups were over we got to ride round the bottom of the track and wave to the crowds as we all got our names read out, the atmosphere of the crowds was electric. In round 2 the future stars had 3 races; scratch, points and a 6lap dash. I had never ridden in any of these events before so was extremely nervous but as I rolled onto the track and the starting gun went they disappeared. In the points and 6laps dash I sat in and watched what was going on and who to watch then coming towards the end I moved up to around the middle of the bunch. In the points race at the 2nd last sprint I seen an opening and decided to just go for it, sprinting from near the back to the front of the bunch I had a lot of ground to make up and unfortunately just got piped of the line for the points. The scratch was the last race and by then I was starting to get up around the front, not moving from the top 6 for the whole race but unfortunately I got caught out coming towards the end and got boxed in with no where got go, I think I may have finished around 13th but I was happy enough.

My first experience of the revolution was amazing and was a huge learning curve for me. The next round is on the 3rd of January back in Manchester were I will be riding the scratch, points, 6 lap dash and also the Madison. I would like to thank everyone who has helped me get to the revolution and I can’t wait for the next round.