Sharpe Crashes Out Of ‘Healthy Aging Tour’

The Women’s Commission supported Alice Sharpe in the ‘Healthy Aging Tour 2018’ in Holland

Read her Race Report Below :


“The ‘Healthy Aging Tour’  had its ups and downs. Crashing out during the Queen stage of course wasn’t in my plan for the week.

Luckily my injuries are only bruising and cuts. However it did mean I was pulled from the race. After crashing I rode anther 20k before the broom wagon pulled us over, the race was in bits and 30 or so riders were pulled from the race that day.

I was heartbroken to have crashed because I know I had the ability to finish the week, but these things can’t be helped.

I learnt so much during the week, racing in Holland in like no other racing. It’s relentless and unforgiving.

A momentary lapse of concentration can cost you to fail to see a move go, unlike racing else where the wind often prevents you from bridging that gap again.

Learning to ride and work the Echelons was also an experience and a half, particularly during the chase groups when tensions are running high and everyone is right on their limit.

The race also really highlights the huge divide between the top and bottom teams, with Canyon, boels and Wiggle dominating the Car park at GC.

Whilst we where racing side by side with these girls – they totally out classed us with their aggressive and relentless racing, truly incredible to witness.

I was pleased with my performance throughout, racing against the most formidable World Tour Teams was an experience and a half.

During stage 1, the TT our team was only able to bring 1 bike across so we were racing against Olympic and World Champions on road bikes. In future I’d ensure I was able to bring an additional bike out with me as we were putting ourselves at such a disadvantage.

Stage 3a was a highlight for me, I felt strong throughout and was using the wheel well to keep my nose out of the wind.

Stage 4 started off well for me, 30k in I was in the 3rd group on the road and using my lessons learnt during stage 2 I was riding a far more comfortable and sustainable level.

Thank you so much for the support of the Cycling Ireland Women’s Commission whist at this race. I’ve come away feeling more motivated than ever to continue pushing to be active in these races rather than just reactive.

My ultimate goal is ride for a World Tour Team and next year hope to move to Europe to pursue this dream, so opportunities like this are so important for my development – Thank you!

I’m sorry I couldn’t finish the week off in the way I’m sure you expected. I didn’t even want to open the results sheet after crashing to see the DNF next to my name. But that’s racing!

Onto my next race; The Tour De Yorkshire in 3 weeks times.



Stage 1 (TT)- 104th

Stage 2- 89th

Stage 3a- 67th

Stage 3b (TTT)– 19th

Stage 4- DNF

Stage 5- DNS