Selection Criteria For Manchester Omnium 2019

The Manchester Omnium Selection Criteria defines the process by which a rider is selected for the cycling discipline following successful qualification. Only athletes who meet the requirements of the Women’s Cycling Ireland Eligibility Criteria as outlined will be considered.

The purpose of the selection criteria as outlined in this document is to select riders best capable of performances for the Cycling Ireland Women’s Commission.

Decision Making Matrix

Selection for the available places will be made in accordance with the decision-making matrices listed .

The Women’s Commission reserve the right to call fitness tests/trials to confirm a rider’s form within the preparatory period leading up to the event in which the rider is entered and to substitute a selected rider with a reserve if the outcome of the test/trial is not satisfactory.

The Women’s Commission will nominate the selected riders in accordance with the timetable outlined.


The Track Event  Selection Panel consists of:

  1. Brendan Whelan – Cycling Ireland Level 1 Coach / WC Track Rep
  2. Róisín Kennedy – Womens Commission Chairperson, the role of Chairperson is merely to ensure that the criteria and process as outlined are applied correctly

How to Appeal

The Appeals Process is invoked by making a formal written appeal, either by letter or e-mail to the Women’s Commission Chairperson

The appeal shall detail where, in the opinion of the appellant, the Selection Panel have failed to adhere to the selection criteria or failed in their duties as detailed under the Grounds for Appeal. Only one appeal per rider is permitted and this must be specific in detailing where, in the opinion of the appellant, the W.C.  Selection Panel failed in their responsibilities.

Costs accrued by the appellant shall be met by the appellant.

Grounds for Appeal

The grounds for appeal are limited to allegations of:

  • Failure to follow due process and/or selection procedures




a. Selection Meeting

16th November

b. Inform long list riders of selection decision

By 5pm 18th November

c. Appeal to be lodged by (Rider)

By 5pm on 19th November









Selection Criteria 

1. The criteria consists of both Eligibility and Performance Criteria:
1.1. Eligibility Criteria – these are to be met by riders before they will be assessed against the performance criteria, riders not meeting any of the eligibility criteria will not be considered for selection;


Eligibility Criteria


a. Does the rider hold a current C.I  licence which permits them to ride in the discipline they are being considered for and which has an “IRL” UCI licence code.

b. Has the Rider completed Application Process , Including Deposit Paid on time.

d. Has the rider signed or willing to sign Cycling Ireland’s Code of Conduct for riders?

Criteria for Qualification

Not all the quotas for the various events may be filled in either road or track events due to the minimum points standard required.



Criteria and points for Manchester Intl Omnium


Has the Athlete applied as per communicated Press (20)


Athletes demonstrated 2018 current Form / Condition (10)


Has the Rider attained Track Accreditation (20)


Has the Rider indoor racing experience (10)


Member of a Cycling Ireland Club (10)


Ability to work effectively in a team (40)


Demonstrated ability to follow a strategy/plan (40)


Suitability to the Event (10)

Maximum points possible (160) (Minimum 104 points required)




Criteria for 2019 Manchester Omnium & Training Weekend



Athletes ability to Obtain a Top 10 position in the chosen Event (20)


Athletes Demonstrated 2018 current Form / Conditioning (20)


Obtained W.C Ranking Points  (W2 & W3 Only) 20


Proven ability on Track Nationals (10)


Technical Ability in specific event (ie, Omnium etc) (10)


Demonstrated Ability to work effectively in a team (40)


Demonstrated Ability to follow a strategy/plan (40)

Maximum points possible (160) (Minimum 104 points required)