Scott Orwell Wheelers Women’s Crit League Rd.3 Report

This week we discovered two types of competitive personalities; Type A, who took advantage of the Easter holidays doing savage spins and Type B, who savaged Easter eggs, totally forgot about the bike and momentarily forgot how to pedal until they heard the whistle blow for the off.


Photo courtesy of Brendan Culleton.


B Race

The evening began with a great turn-out in the B race. The B- riders took off at pace leaving Noreen Mallon seconds behind at the start line. Quickly applying herself to overcome the self-made handicap, she impressively caught on. Scott Orwell junior and newcomer to the league, Caoimhe May, along with club mates Annie Roche and Hannah Tilly made light work of leading the bunch around. It wasn’t until the twelfth minute when the B cyclists caught B- making a much improved effort from last week’s attempt.


Toni in the B Race. Photo courtesy of John Hammer.


Caoimhe May taught many riders double and treble her age a thing or two about racing to take an effortless win. Tullamore’s Sinead Molloy, looked very strong in B to secure 2nd place for the second week in succession, followed by Suzan Fagan (Clontarf CC) proving consistent with results also in third. Despite her additional handicap challenge, Noreen Mallon showed great mental and physical strength placing 4th, followed by Agnieszka Samsel in 5th and again a consistent 6th from Megan Davenport two weeks running.

B Race Results

1. Caoimhe May Scott Orwell Wheelers CC 2. Sinead Molloy Tullamore CTC 3. Suzan Fagan Clontarf CC 4. Noreen Mallon Bush 5. Agnieszka Damsel Clontarf CC 6. Megan Davenport Unattached 7. Julie Egan Nass CC 8. Claire Ludlow Ardee CC 9. Annie Roche Scott Orwell Wheelers CC 10. Irene Yeriskin Sundrive


Caoimhe after the win. Photo courtesy of John Hammer.


A Race

Jessica Lamb (St.Tiernan’s) started the A- group off in flying form from the whistle – leading much of the time and attempting the first attack of the race. Bea Gol (a Type A cycling personality) later attempted to break away from the A- bunch five and a half minutes in but was reeled in by her fellow strong A- riders. Nine and a half minutes in, the A group caught the A- – followed by an immediate attack from Catherine McAteer (Garda CC) who was closely chased by Sophie Loscher (Sundrive). Catherine was certainly in attacking form and made another effort in the twelfth minute. Kate Earlie (St. Tiernan’s) followed her and the duo escaped fleetingly. Jennifer Bates (Clondalkin CC) caught the double act a lap later while Bea Gol led the A- riders in the second bunch.


The A- bunch trying to hold onto Jennifer and Catherine’s wheel. Photo courtesy of Brendan Culleton.


Meters from the finish line it all came down to the wire with nothing between Kate and Catherine. In the last five meters Catherine found fresh strength, denying Kate of securing her hat-trick to take the win by half a bike length, followed by a smiling Jennifer Bates (clearly still loving the new birthday bike!). Roisin Kennedy of Arcane CC was 4th, Bea Gol came in 5th (Unattached) and Rosy Temple 6th (Scott Orwell) – followed by one of Scott Orwell’s newest members and certainly one to watch – Cathy Wyse.

Further congratulations to some of the A riders who raced over the weekend – Kate Earlie (St. Tiernans) for winning Ras an Laois, Roisin Kennedy (Arcane CC) who was 2nd and Emily Ann Doyle (Naas CC) for a 4th place. Also well done to Ann Coleman (Lucan CC) for competing in her first ever open road race. Chapeau all round! Happy Wedding Anniversary to the unnamed cyclist whose spouse sent her off for further laps after she had finished her race and tea last week, nice to know they remain in matrimony!

B Race Results

1. Catherine McAteer Garda CC 2. Katie Earlie St. Tiernans 3. Jennifer Bates Clondalkin CC 4. Róisín Kennedy Adamstown 5. Beata Golczak Unattached 6. Rosy Temple Scott Orwell Wheelers CC 7. Cathy Wise Scott Orwell Wheelers CC 8. Jessica Lamb St. Tiernans 9. Monica Freiband Scott Orwell Wheelers CC 10. Ciara Ní Flathartaigh Scott Orwell Wheelers CC


Katie and Catherine on the attack. Photo courtesy of John Hammer.


Many thanks to Gen Sheridan for the delish chocolate, avocado and sweet potato brownies and also to her hens for the very popular egg sandwiches! It appears these cyclists will only eat sandwiches with their eggs, as all the others remain untouched each evening. Gen’s hens are now under pressure to produce double quantities for next week’s sandwiches, a conversation has been had! Sincere appreciation to our photographers Brenda from Arcane Cycling Team, John Hammer and Brendan Culleton as well as Luke GJ Potter (Scott Orwell’s PRO) and club mate Romano Morelli for their assistance and support on the night.

Photo Albums

Women of all ages are welcome join the league at any point, it’s never too early or late to start racing. We have enough tea to go around! With lots of people off on training holidays abroad this week, next week could prove a killer when they return with their go-faster tan lines. Until next Tuesday evening for the final race of the series in Corkagh Park…