Revolution 23 Report from Sarah Franzoni

Last weekend three Irish girls were invited to race in the Revolution in Manchester. This is a highly popular track event in track racing, and the three were well equipped against their competitors, and learnt a lot from the experience. With more focus being placed on the track it would be great to see a squad of Irish girls racing in next year’s series. Read on for Sarah’s report.

Myself and 2 others from Ireland (Sinéad Jennings and Michelle Geoghegan) raced at the Revolution 23 in Manchester against some really experienced track riders from the UK. Out of the 22 in the field we were my no means the weakest with some good top 10 finishes from us.

The whole experience for myself certainly was incredible, from signing on to walking out to the track centre in front of the crowds and then lining up with some of the UK’s top female endurance riders.

I found the racing fast as I had expected but by not too fast. We raced a 5km points race, a 5km scratch ( behind the motorbike) and a 2 km dash. I had been dreading the 2km dash, not really my kind of distance really fast and short. This was however my best race and with 2 laps to go I tried to break on the outside, it was fantastic being out the front hearing ‘ go mummy!!’ then reality hit coming into the last lap, 2 other girls came close to my shoulders on both sides and I literally stopped pedalling and eased off behind them. So my nerves got the better of me this time but it was great to know I could compete at this level, it was there in the legs!!

I can’t speak for the for Michelle and Sinead but I’m sure they would agree it was a great experience that we will most certainly be repeating!