Rás na mBan…. the riders make the race.

Beth McClusky, Team Steen Wear gets a bottle from her team car
Beth McClusky, Team Steen Wear gets a bottle from her team car

We know you all enjoyed the fantastic race reports on the Rás na mBan website last week, and while we don’t have much to add to those, it is important to record the achievements of the Irish contingent who raced An Post Rás na mBan 2015, and especially the success of those for whom this was their first Rás na mBan .

The Home-Based Rider GC finished up as follows:

  1. Eve McCrystal Garda CC 10.33’23”
  2. Clare McIlwaine Garda CC @4’57”
  3. Ciara Doogan Team Ryger @5’04”
  4. Emily Birchall NRPT Magnet.ie @8’57”
  5. Michelle O’Halloran Lakeside Wheelers @26’39”
  6. Emma Walsh De Ronde van Cork @31’45”
  7. Michelle Geoghegan Steen Wear @33’13”
  8. Rachel Clancy Nenagh CC 35’10”
  9. Ciara Kinch Lakeside Wheelers @37’49”
  10. Beth McCluskey Steen Wear @39’37”
  11. Fiona Guihen Steen Wear @40’25”
  12. Eileen Burns Cycling Ulster @43’54”
  13. Maire Claffey De Ronde van Cork @47’49”
  14. Sonja O’Mahony Lakeside Wheelers @47’53”
  15. Grace Young De Ronde van Cork @49’06”
  16. Niamh Stephens Steen Wear @51’34”
  17. Monica Marconi Nenagh CC 52’05”
  18. Jane Millar Cycling Ulster @01.03’03”
  19. Orla Montague Garda CC @01.18’59”
  20. Sinead Kennedy Nenagh CC @01.19’00”
  21. Sarah Pratt Steen Wear @01.20’43”
  22. Catherine McAteer Garda CC @01.28’18”
  23. Karen Deenihan De Ronde van Cork @01.31’19”
  24. Jennifer Fortune De Ronde van Cork @01.32’03”
  25. Sandra Devine Cycling Ulster @01.36’11”
  26. Karen Robinson Garda CC @01.55’04”
  27. Alwynne Shannon Cycling Ulster @02.01’16”
  28. Joanne Regan Cycling Ulster @02.06’59”
  29. Siobhan Sheehan Lakeside Wheelers @02.09’21”

Hearty congratulations to all 29 domestic-based riders who completed An Post Rás na mBan 2015! And equal kudos to each of those Irish riders who started Rás na mBan but were forced to abandon through injury or illness, ….we hope you are now well on the road to recovery, and are already making plans to return next September!

Eileen Burns, Ulster, warms up before Stage 2
Eileen Burns, Ulster, warms up before Stage 2

While it is impossible to acknowledge everyone, and every achievment, special mention must go to…

….Eileen Burns of Cycling Ulster who dominated An Post Rás na mBan Stage 4 with her blistering performance in the Individual Time Trial;

… Junior Riders, Ciara Doogan and Emily Birchall, who finished An Post Rás na mBan 2015 in 22nd and 35th place respectively, a massive achievement, and a sure sign that the future of women’s cycling in Ireland truly is bright;

… Eve McCrystal who was at the pointy end of most stage finishes, won the Irish Rider GC, and finished An Post Rás na mBan 2015 in 9th place overall, despite several mishaps on the way!;

…to the Garda CC team of five who finished as 10th best team overall, out of the 20 teams who finished An Post Rás na mBan 2015, and who romped away with the Best Irish Team prize;

… to De Ronde van Cork and to Nenagh CC for fulfilling their season-long goal of entering a team in An Post Rás na mBan 2015.

Best Irish Team: Garda CC
Best Irish Team: Garda CC

So that’s it for another September, …but rest assured that as soon as the race manual closes on one Rás na mBan, the wheels start turning to set the next season’s race in motion… it is a year-long task to put Rás na mBan on the road, and knowing how much every rider enjoys it makes it all worthwhile… doesn’t it Valerie???!!! 😉