Orwell Wheelers: Introduction to Group Cycling

Orwell Wheelers will be holding The ‘Introduction to Group Cycling for Women’  (10 Week Program). They are hoping that this program will be as successful as it was in previous years.

Any women in the Dundrum area that want to learn to ride in a group?. Improve your cycling skills, safety and stamina on the bike? . Find new scenic routes and tasty coffee & cake shops on your spins?. Meet other like-minded women and learn basic maintenance to look after your bike?

Commencing 14th May 2018, the 10 week course will be split into skills and training workshops, with the goal to participate in the Tour of Meath.

For further information please email: orwellwomen@gmail.com.

To Register, please use this form: Intro to Group Cycling for Women 2018 Registration.

How much will the course cost?

The course will cost €20, can be paid on the night.  

What will I need to participate?

A road bike with drop handlebars in good working order,
A cycling specific helmet
  • To be able to cycle at least 30km
  • Pay the course costs,
  • Be over 18 years of age.