New Women’s Rider Rankings:

The Cycling Ireland Women’s Commission will introduce a Pilot Rider Grading & Ranking system for 2018 .
This will help with our New National Intermediate League , and Beginner Leagues .
For the initial classification we will use a mapping from whatever C.I. category the rider has on their license for 2018.
An A2 will start off as a W1, an A3 as a W2 and an A4 as a W3.
If riders feel they ended up in the wrong category at the beginning, they can request upgrades without approval, but any downgrade requests will need to be approved.
Points will be awarded at races – We don’t want to prohibit any rider from racing from any race , However a W1 rider will be excluded from an intermediate league race.
Default starting position depends on what you’ve chosen on your license:

  • W1 (maps to men’s A2)
  • W2 (maps to men’s A3)
  • W3 (maps to men’s A4)

If not happy with default:

  • Can upgrade at will without approval
  • Can apply for downgrade, which will be individually assessed.

There will be a Points limit of 10 Points on each Category

Points can be gained through the following women only races:

  • Beginner’s race leagues (approved)
  • Intermediate race league
  • National Road Racing Series
  • Open women only road races
  • Open women only stage races
  • National Championships.

No points will be given for combined male/female races, club races etc.