National Track Championships – Day two photos and Results

National Track Championships – Day two saw the pursuit and sprint finals – read on for full results and photos. Results thanks to Hugh Byrne, and photos thanks to Paddy Doran.

Friday 17th

Senior Womens Pursuit (3km) Qualifiers
1. Heather Boyle (Ravens) IRL19760813 4.25.14

2. Roisin Kennedy (Lucan CC) IRL19780612 4.25.31

3. Caroline Ryan (Garda) IRL19791010 4.25.51

4. Joanna Hickey (Usher) IRL19820830 4.28.25 

5. Louise Moriarty (UCD)      IRL19780117 4.29.14

6. Siobhan Jacobs (unatt) IRL19780716 4.38.39

7. Rachel Withers (Fintona CC)     IRL19911213 4.47.06

8. Fiona Guihen (Navan) IRL19920705 5.12.24
9. Cariosa Cullen (Sundrive) IRL19750124 5.12.68

Saturday 18th

Senior Womens Pursuit (3km) Result

Saturday 18th


Heather Boyle 4.17.53 beat  Roisin Kennedy 4.23.50


Caroline Ryan 4.10.35 beat Joanna Hickey 4.28.81


Saturday 18th

Senior Womens Sprint (Flying 200 Qualifier)

1st 12 to knock out Stage)
1. Jennifer O’Reilly (Ravens) IRL19800815 13.25

2. Kate Rudd (Wolftrap) IRL19770204 13.49

3. Louise Moriarty (UCD)      IRL19780117 13.77

4. Joanna Hickey(Usher) IRL19820830 13.85
5. Aideen Collard (Orwell) IRL19740923 14.696. Orla Hendron (Orwell) IRL19631006 14.80

7. Ailbhe Ivory (Bray) IRL19910920 14.85 8. Andrea Fagan (Orwell) IRL19850925 14.97

9. Roisin Kennedy (Lucan CC) IRL19780612 15.16

10. Siobhan Jacobs (unatt) IRL19780716 15.24

11. Cariosa Cullen (Sundrive)IRL19750124 15.39
12. Rachel Withers (Fintona CC)  IRL19911213 15.92
13. Perrine Pericart (Sundrive) IRL19810611 16.04

14. Fiona Guihen (Navan) IRL19920705 16.301st Round (seeded by qualifying time)


Jennifer O’Reilly beat Rachel Withers
Kate Rudd beat Cariosa Cullen

Louise Moriarty beat Siobhan Jacobs w/o

Joanna Hickey beat Roisin Kennedy

Aideen Collard beat Andrea Fagan
Orla Hendron beat Ailbhe Ivory

Rep1 Cariosa Cullen beat Rachel Withers
Rep2 Andrea Fagan beat Ailbhe Ivory and Roisin Kennedy

Womens Sprint Quarter Final

Jennifer O’Reilly beat Andrea Fagan
Kate Rudd beat Cariosa Cullen

Louise Moriarty beat Orla Hendron

Joanna Hickey beat Aideen Collard

Womens Sprint Semi Final

Jennifer O’Reilly beat Joanna Hickey
Kate Rudd beat Louise Moriarty

Womens Sprint Final Result

Jennifer O’Reilly beat Kate Rudd 2-1

Bronze Ride off Result

Louise Moriarty beat Joanna Hickey 2-0

5th to 8th place ride off Result

5th Orla Hendron

6th Andrea Fagan

7th Aideen Collard

8th Cariosa Cullen