Introduction to XC Racing

Epic MTB To Run Women’s Cross Country Race /Training Days:

After substantial growth in the number of women cycling in all areas of the sport (road, CX, leisure, MTB etc) we are trying to encourage more women into the XC side of things.

In support of Cross Country riding (XC) we are going to run a number of introductory spins and race training sessions.
The spins and training will take place in the Leadmines on Thursday March 23rd and 30th.

The Introductory spins will take place in the weeks coming up these dates so people can get familiar with the area.

The training races will be handicapped; slower riders will start first, faster riders last. This will keep everyone competitive until the very end.
The training races will start at 18.30 and will last about an hour.

There will be an informal post mortem, craic, banter, bragging etc. afterwards in the Golden Ball.
If you interested in taking part please fill in this form, if you have not done so already: