Intermediate League Points Structure

The 2019 Intermediate League will have a new points allocation that will keep the final overall standings competitive until the final event.

The Intermediate League caters for W2/W3 Category Senior & Junior riders only .
The League is aimed at bridging the gap between our Introductory Racing Events and the National Road Series.
The League has an overall prize list of  €750+
The first race of the new season will be in Clonard on Saturday (Rás Naomh Finian 47km / Online Entry)

1st Place = 4 points

2nd Place = 3 points

3rd Place = 2 points

All other finishers = 1 point

Best 5 of 8 races will count

There is 1 bonus point for completing all 8 league races

If riders finish the league with (equal points, the rider with the highest number of wins (in the eight league races) will be ranked higher.

If riders are still equal on this criteria, they will be ranked by their number of second places, and then by their third places.

If riders still cannot be separated, they will be ranked by the total number of league races they have completed.

Finally, they will be ranked by their finishing position in the final league race (de Ronde Classic).

The League Leader will wear the Women’s Commission’s IL Leaders Jersey (One per rider). A Rider will be deducted one point per event for not wearing the leader’s jersey.

Any errors or omissions in the points table should be made known to Email: before the start of the next league race .