Free Cycling Ireland Leisure Licence

If you are a woman intending to ride a Sportive or Leisure Event in 2019 – We want to hear from you. 
  • Name the event you are aiming for.
  • Write an event report for (Including lead-up and training spins).
  • Get a Pic of you at the event.
  • The Women’s Commission will give you a 2019 Leisure Licence
  1. This should be your first Cycling Ireland Membership (Renewals will not be considered)
  2. One Report per event on a first come basis.
  3. Only official Cycling Ireland events on the Island of Ireland will be considered
  4. Applications submitted in advance will have preference.  Retrospective applications will only be considered if there are no other applications for the event .
  5. All Licence funding decisions are at the discretion of the Women’s Commission.

Email: to apply

By joining Cycling Ireland, you are entitled to the many benefits of membership below, these include the personal accident and public liability insurance provided as part of both competitive and leisure membership.

Membership of Cycling Ireland provides the following Insurance cover.

1: Public Liability (“Third Party”)

Covers you for any third party liability or property damage for which you are held legally liable. (a third party is a person not accredited with membership of Cycling Ireland) when you are training, competing or officiating in an approved Cycling Ireland activity. (a €500 excess applies to each claim, to be paid by claimant). There is no cover in respect of any Injury or damage suffered by one participant caused by another participant during training activities. However personal accident cover (outlined below) will still be provided for member to member accidents.

There is an indemnity limit of €13.0 million per incident.

2: Personal Accident

This cover again applies to when you are training, competing or officiating in an approved activities of Cycling Ireland. Medical expenses are covered to a maximum of €2,500 each claim which includes dental expenses up to €2,000. Excess of €100 applies to medical and dental claims. There is also an inner limit of €250 for physiotherapy expenses. Loss of earnings is covered for a maximum of €150 per week for a maximum of 52 weeks with the first week not being covered.

We also offer a range of other membership benefits including:

– €20 Voucher for Cyclesuperstore which can be redeemed online or in store

– 10% off bike insurance through our partners Bikmo

 – 15% off everything at Bicycle Design Centre

– 5% off all goods at Chain Reaction Cycles

– Discounted entry to sportive/leisure events

– Access to our coaching courses & programmes