Creamer Back In Belgium For UCI 1.1 Event

Read Lauren Creamers race report from  from Gooik-Geraadsbergen-Gooik UCI 1.1 as she tackles the legendary Bosberg as part of the chasing break.
“Another weekend, another race in Belgium! Just the one this time but a completely different level to last week’s kermesses, totalling over 140km in length with 120 starters on the line. It was a hot and humid state of affairs with some greasy roads to handle after a downpour leading up to the race and during the first 20km or so.
The warm temperatures soon dried the roads up meaning no slippy cobbled sections to manage thankfully!
Riders were being dropped at the first ascents of the short snappy climbs but it would be the uphill paved streets of Geraadsbergen and the sharp cobbled climb known as the Bosberg that would split the field even further.
A group featuring most of the major UCI teams escaped off the front, with the eventual winner coming from that group. Keeping my cool and climbing well, I knew that we still had 80km to race, which would be enough for me to tolerant in the heat.
A natural split from the main bunch of around 20 riders, including myself, pushed on ahead in pursuit of the leaders for around 40km.
Once onto the smaller, finishing circuits and with nobody chancing it on the remaining climbs and cobbled sections, our bunch came back together meaning a large group of 60 would be battling it out at the finish.
I ended up crossing the line in 20th, 35th overall meaning most of all I had kept myself safe. Something I wanted to do in the sprint after the crash I had in my last outing at a UCI 1.1.
Now time to progress and finally leave that crash behind…
Thanks again to Cycling Ireland Women’s Commission for contributing their support to this trip. It is projects like this that give Female Irish Racing Cyclists the opportunity to race in the wider world of cycling”
Image credit Hinninck Paul