British XC MTB National Series, Round 2, Wasing Park – Race Report by Caoimhe May

The race weekend started on Saturday with an easy practice lap to check out the course.  At each A and B option I had a look to see what I needed to do get over it safely.  One of the first A lines we came to was a gap jump.  I was particularly cautious about this one as, in round 1, I face planted on a gap jump before!  After a good look I decided to go for it.  I cleared it smoothly and moved on with the rest of the course.  I was pleased to manage all but one of the A lines, which left me confident for my race.

On the Sunday morning we woke up nice and early in order to fit in my warm up before my race start at 9am!  It came to the call up and I was gridded on the front line, giving me a good starting position.  The start whistle was blown and off we went. I managed to get a good start leaving me right up with the leading 3 riders for a quarter of a lap.  Once they pulled ahead I was on my own in 4th for the rest of the race.  All went well and I finished in 4th place, leaving me very pleased with both my ride and my result.  Since Round 1 I’d moved up two places in the results.  The weekend couldn’t have gone much better!

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