All you need to know about women’s racing in Corkagh Park this year

The calendar is out – Corkagh Park Women’s Racing Series starts on May 26 in Dublin.

Some 15 clubs have signed up, each hosting a night of the series every Tuesday from May 26 to August 25.

That’s a whole summer of racing on the purpose built cycle track at Corkagh Park. Are you in?

Below is the full list of the schedule for the summer months.

corkagh park 2015

Corkagh Park is an off-road tarmac purpose-built cycling track, located just of the N7. It’s the brain child of Mick Lawless, who spent years trying to get the facility built and open.

The track itself is just over 1km of sweeping bends and one nice drag. So, even if you are dropped in your category, you can’t get lost and can still carry on and use it as training.

Do I need a special license? 

The series allows everyone to try one race without a license – i.e. buy a one-day license. However, after that, you will need to buy a limited license from Cycling Ireland.

Do I need a special bike? 

Only drop-bar (racers) are allowed in our races – no flat bars or mountain bikes.

How fast are the races? 

That depends on how fast people pedal and the weather conditions. But, we categorise everyone – so there is an A and B race and, if we have enough numbers on the night, we can split those groups further. So, you can go in the slowest group no problem.

Where exactly is Corkagh Park?

It’s just off the N7 near Bewleys Hotel. Here’s a link to a map.

Do I have to pay for the races? 

Sign on is usually between €3-5 on the night.

What time are the races on?

Sign on is from 18.30 and the first race is off at 19.00.