AGM 2020: Munster Report

Munster Report – Women’s Commission 2020.   Rep Theresa Finn.

This year proved to be a challenging one, training days were organized in February with over 25 Ladies on board to attend a Track Training Day in Kanturk.  Unfortunately, the first date had to be cancelled due to a yellow weather warning and the second day due to ice on track. 

Track training was to be run at a later stage, when the season returned, emphasis was placed on races and a track training day will hopefully take place before the end of the year. 

Greenmount Cycling Academy, ran a round of the Women Intermediate League, which was a huge success.

Munster Cycling Academy, had selected two youth ladies teams to race in Southport, in the UK, which would have been a great opportunity to race with top level British female cyclists, this also had to be postponed until next year due to Covid.