Marions Dingle Challenge

Name: Marion Goodall
Discipline: Road
Age: 35
Event: Dingle 120km Ride

Marion is part of our Leisure Licence iniatíve :

In November 2017, I broke my arm cycling to work. I was brand new to road biking and had nothing else to blame but my own inexperience.

I hadn’t learned yet that riding a road bike isn’t quite like riding a mountain bike (which is all I had when I was a kid) and going up a curb isn’t the same. This was my first experience back cycling since childhood.  Safe to say it wasn’t an ideal start.
The accident shook my confidence and getting back on the bike in January 2018 took a bit of work.
Going downhill and negotiating bumps on the road were terrifying. But step by step, I rebuilt my confidence.
In December 2018, the Christmas buzz got the best out of me and I decided to sign up to some new challenges including the Ride Dingle 120km Challenge.

At that time, my longest cycle ever was about 50km on the flat in France.
After registering online, excitement kicked in, along with the doubts and fear.
“Why did I sign for such a distance? Was I able for it? Oh but it will be so much fun. Nice one to have on the bucket list. Plus Dingle is such a beautiful place.

Yes, but how will I manage to train while looking after the two kids and John (my husband – who is training for a half Ironman) also has to fit his training in. This was all running through my mind as I went to bed that night.   I didn’t really have the best sleep.
I am lucky to have a group to train with. I am definitely one of the weaker cyclists in the group but watching and listening to the stronger cyclists is very inspiring.

The lads know all the best routes to cycle around Dublin/Wicklow (where I live) and my weekend training rides are something I look forward to all week.

We’re not the most organised group when it comes to training sessions but we
try to vary between distance and speed.
So far, I have managed to increase my longest ride to a 75km+ cycle which included the Sally Gap, something I am very proud to have cycled without having to walk at any point.

I also got back to commuting which I enjoy more and more.  There is something very satisfying about beating traffic in the morning.

Only 7 weeks to go. It feels so far away and at the same time so close.

Let’s just hope I’ll be ready for the big day!